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About Us

The Dickinson Family

       Here at Dickinson Heating and Air Conditioning we are a family owned company that holds our values high. In turn, we take the extra steps to ensure your family’s safety and comfort as if they were our own. My name is Mike Dickinson and I own and operate Dickinson Heating and Air. I've been in the industry for 15 years with experience ranging from single family homes to heavy commercial and everything in between. This venture was formed out of the desire to improve the quality of service and goods offered to customers in HVAC market.


       So many times, it seems, companies are willing to sacrifice quality relationships with their customers in order to obtain higher profits and maintain lower out of pocket expenses. That is unfortunate and unethical as far as we are concerned. Give us a chance to provide you with the best possible services that your hard earned dollar deserves. We stand behind our work with a solid no questions asked 1 year parts and labor warranty on anything we install. Additionally, equipment manufactures will offer extended warranties on their equipment that is covered outside of the 1 year we offer.


       We are an honest and ethical company that prides itself on making sure our customers are fully and truly informed on the health of their equipment without compromising integrity. That being said...We love to take advantage of those warranties(when applicable) to save our customers extra money on repairs. We love to see our customers and their investments stand the test of time. Let us help you get there by putting your HVAC needs in Dickinson Heating and Air's hands.

Thanks and God Bless!

Mike Dickinson


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