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Air conditioning units are one the most neglected fixtures in our home. Being mechanical in nature as our vehicles are, routine maintenance of the system is just as important as regular oil changes. We offer a full quarterly or biannual maintenance program to benefit your situation. Call us today to see how maintenance can change how your system operates.

Air Conditioning

At Dickinson, we service and repair all major manufacturers of air conditioning systems. We offer 24 hour emergency service to get back in comfort as quick and affordable as possible. We also offer new construction installs or upgrades to your existing system.


Old or outdated heating systems can create a potentially hazardous situation for you or your loved ones. Ranging from fire hazards to carbon monoxide poisoning, it is not something that should go overlooked. If you haven’t had your heating system checked by a professional, it may be time. Call us to schedule a full heating inspection or repair.

Air Quality

Did you know that Indoor air can be 8 times worse for you than outside air? VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds can accumulate in your home leading to an array of health problems if not reduced or eliminated. Call Dickinson Heating and Air Conditioning to improve the health of your indoor air quality today!

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